31 High Street, Droitwich Spa was originally an open hall house which dates back in parts to 1340. Over the last few years it has been restored and there is an exhibition and open day to celebrate.

Exhibition at The Hive

From 1st September until 31st October there will be an exhibition at The Hive in Worcester (1st Floor, Archive Section, WR1 3PD) entitled “The History and Restoration of 31 High Street, Droitwich Spa”. Using architect’s plans and drawings, photographs of the restoration work in progress, together with documentary evidence, this exhibition captures the story of 31 – 35 High Street which was originally an open hall house with parts dated back to 1340.

Exhibition open whenever The Hive is open to the public.

View the restored building in Droitwich

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September between 10am and 1pm there will be a unique opportunity to see the inside of Priory House in Friar Street, Droitwich. The opening of this magnificent building is being organised in association with the Droitwich Preservation Trust, Droitwich Spa Civic Society, Droitwich History and Archaeology Society, and the building’s tenants as part of this year’s Heritage Week.