From time to time, we get involved in local social history projects where people are collecting memories about local places or events. We’d love to hear from you if you have any memories or information on the following two projects. Please contact the organiser using the form at the bottom of the page.

Barnards Green Forge – Andrew Huntley

Morgan’s Blacksmith’s is located in Upper Chase Road in Barnards Green. It’s been running there as a business for well over 100 years. There’s the forge and also a coach-building facility on the site.

Malvern Civic Society are planning to create a video about the business and premises and are looking for any memories you might have. Perhaps your horse was shoed or your tools were repaired there.

“Malvern in a Day 1971” – Jan Condon

Do you remember the 1970s?

People boarding a bus outside the Post Office in Great Malvern - photograph by Michael Dowty 1971
Boarding Pay-as-you-enter bus – photograph by Michael Dowty 1971

Did you live, work or visit Malvern in the early 1970s. If you did then please get in touch. I want to collect your memories to add to the photographs taken of Malvern on one day, 30th July 1971, by the Worcester photographer, Michael Dowty. The Dowty collections are part of the set of historic items held by the Library which a small team from Malvern Museum is working on to catalogue and conserve for the future.
The early 1970s, that time at the end of the Swinging Sixties and the upheavals of the middle of the decade, witnessed many changes: the introduction of decimal currency, local government reform and Britain’s entry into the EEC, all important events. But these photographs of Malvern show what the town looked like at the time and record scenes from everyday life.

Can you help?

Yes! You can add your memories of what life was like by sending me your own recollections of the early 1970s and adding to the local history of Malvern. The Dowty photos show some of the shops you may have used including Brays and Warwick House. You may have shopped at Liptons or International Stores. Did you collect Green Shield stamps or wear hot pants? What services were available from the MEB?. There are probably lots of things you know which future generations will find fascinating: the car you drove, the school you went to, the clothes you wore and where you bought them from, favourite TV programmes…the list is endless- no detail is too small. And we all had to use decimal coins- how easy was it to get used to them?

We are planning to hold an exhibition of photos and memories next year.

If you want more information or want to discuss your recollections, get in touch using the form below. Please start writing your memories down now (short accounts are fine) and contact me.