Guarlford graveyard map
Guarlford graveyard map, click on the map to see a larger image

The membership of Malvern Family History Society includes Angus and Rosemary McCulloch who were involved in the Guarlford History Project. Included in the work of this project was work in record all the memorial inscriptions in the graveyard. Angus is keen that this information is available long-term to our members, so here is the start of it.

We have copied the brief table of information across. There is more information about some of the people on the Guarlford website.

The plot numbers are shown on the map here. Click on the map to view a larger version.





Inscription (& notes)

1YoungRichard Mayfield1978Loving memories, Richard Mayfield Young, died January 14 1978, aged 47 years
3MartinGwendolyn Louisa1913Kerbstone around a double grave:-
Mina, and Gwennie
born 1900, died 1913
3MartinWilhemina E1919born 1911, died 1919
Peace perfect peace
Thy kingdom come(note: no surname is given, but we know that the girls were the daughters of Mr Alfred Ernest Martin and his wife Louisa, Headmaster and Infants teacher of Guarlford National School from Feb 1900 – Jan 1923. The school and house stood next to the church.)
4RoeAlfred S1885In loving memory of Alfred S Roe, born August 11th 1885 died October 7th 1885
Of such is the kingdom of Heaven
(note: this infant is also the son of another earlier Schoolmaster)
5HazeldenAudrey1925Audrey the beloved Daughter of G and E Hazelden, died February 20th 1925 aged 4 years
(Note: now very overgrown)
6StapletonJohn Henry1954In loving memory of John Henry Stapleton
who died March 1st 1954 aged 86. At rest
6StapletonSarah Maria1956also Sarah Maria
dearly beloved wife of above who died Dec 15th 1956 aged 91
Desame Mary
Dora Ellen
(on square slab leaning against base of headstone) In memory of Desame Mary Hudson born 1898 died 1972
and Dora Ellen Williams born 1891 died 1978 daughters of the above
7MedcalfDerrick William1972In loving memory of Derrick William Medcalf died 29 February 1972 aged 76 years
7MedcalfEthel1977also Ethel Medcalf beloved wife of the above died 11 May 1977 aged 79 years
8NewsonFrederick John1965In loving memory Frederick John Newson 1883 – 1965
Rector of this parish for 52 years
8NewsonFrances May1996Also of his wife Frances May Newson 1902 – 1996
9HemmingsAda1958In loving memory of Ada Hemmings who died 18th Oct 1958
79 years
‘Thy love to me was wonderful’
10PritchardArthur1933In loving memory of the Revd Arthur Pritchard for 27 years Vicar of Rowington Warwickshire who passed away at Guarlford September 22nd 1933
‘My work is done, my task is o’er, Life’s crown is worn, Alleluia for evermore.’
10PritchardMary1964In loving memory of Mary Pritchard who died 23rd July 1964
90 years
‘Their soul shall be as a watered garden and they shall not sorrow any more at all.’
13BassetEdward William1870Edward William infant son of G L Basset Esq of Tehidy died 12th July 1870 (note: headstone no longer visible)



1933Albert Eyton Lloyd MD, 1933


Bertha Eyton Lloyd RIP

(parents of John)

15AndrewJane Margaret1901In memory of Jane Margaret Andrew who departed this life at Sherborne, Malvern Wells, May 9th 1901 aged 72 years.
16AndrewCharles1899In loving memory of Charles Andrew of Compstall Cheshire born July 1st 1821 died January 5th 1899
17WathenJohn Bateman1906Sacred to the memory of John Bateman Wathen first Rector of Guarlford who ministered to this parish for 48 years 1857 – 1905, died Jan 5th 1906 aged 85. Let saints on earth in concert sing with those whose work is done, for all the servants of our King, in heaven and earth are one
18WathenEmma Maria Louisa Sacred to the memory of Emma Maria Louisa, wife of Rev JB Wathen, Rector of Guarlford, died Sep 15 1900 aged 76. Joy and peace in believing
(maiden surname Andrew)
19AndrewGrace1875For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
In memory of Grace, widow of George Andrew of Compstall, Cheshire, died at Malvern August 6th 1875, aged 83
(mother of Charles and Emma)
20WillisElizabeth19421876 – 1942
20WillisJim19801902 – 1980
20WillisPhyllis1992Phyllis Willis 1907 – 1992
21WathenGertrude Margaret1858Be sure in the kingdom of Heaven
Gertrude Margaret Wathen
born Sept XXX (30)
died Jany XIX (19)
22AndrewEliza Eleanor1905In affectionate memory of Eliza Eleanor Andrew born April 14 1824 died May 23 1905
23StevensAnn1907In memory of Ann Stevens for fifty years the faithful friend and servant of the Rev JB Wathen Rector of this parish born Sep 16 1834 died Oct 21 1907. Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me.
(headstone now hidden by hedge)
24BeardRosina1959Rosina Beard 22nd Dec 1959 aged 85
24BeardGeorge E1963George E Beard 16th Oct 1963 aged 90. Reunited
25HilliarJohn R1941In loving memory of John R Hilliar (Jack), who died on  the 18th March 1941, beloved and only son of,
25HilliarRobert James1947Robt J Hilliar who died on 30th April 1947. In God’s keeping
(Colour Sergeant RJ Hilliar, 3rd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade served in India; in charge of Red Cross Ambulance and Transport Work, Worcestershire during WWI).
25HilliarGeorgina Winifred Stanly1975Georgina Winifred Stanly Hilliar born 1885 in Norwich died 1975 in Norfolk, a treasured and loving wife and devoted mother
27BeardSarah Ann1911Sarah Ann Beard died Sep 25th 1911 aged 9 years
28BeardRosina1900Rosina Beard died March 31st 1900 age 10 days
29SmallwoodJoseph Boulo1903In loving memory of Joseph Boulo Smallwood born December 14th 1857 died August 2nd 1903
29SmallwoodMary Ann1918Mary Ann Smallwood his wife born February 12th 1846 died January 21st 1918
30ChambersHarriet Lucie1927In loving memory of Harriet Lucie Chambers who fell asleep 23rd January1927 aged 94 years. In God’s keeping
31HookThomas1899In loving memory of Thomas Hook who died January 14th 1899. “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”
(headstone has now toppled over)
32FarmerAgnes1947Agnes Farmer died
January 19th 1947 aged 76
(maiden surname Pearce)
32FarmerJohn1949John Farmer died
May 20 1949 aged 79
(occupation: postman)
32MorrisDaisy Victoria1954Daisy Victoria Morris died March 20 1954 aged 56
(daughter of above)
34PearceEnock1911In loving memory of Enock Pearce who died Nov 7th 1911 aged 68
34PearceAnne1913Also of Anne his wife who departed this life March 1st 1913 aged 73. Rest in the Lord. I wait patiently for him Psalm 37 7
34WilliamsHarriet1943Also Harriet Williams January 15th 1943 age 80
(maiden surname Pearce)
34WilliamsFlorence Agnes Florence Agnes Williams August 4th 1943 age 57
(daughter of Harriet)
35BirchleyElizabeth1890Elizabeth the beloved wife of Thomas Birchley died March 23rd 1890 aged 66 years
35BirchleyThomas1911Thomas Birchley died Dec 11th 1911 aged 82 years (a gardener)
36MeekJohn1865Sacred to the memory of John Meek of The Grove House Farm in this parish who died June 2nd 1865 aged 55 years. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.
(farmer of Grove House Farm)
36MeekMary Ann1901Also in loving memory of our dear mother Mary Ann Meek who died April 30th 1901 aged 86 years
(headstone now faces into yew tree; wife of John, continued to farm at Grove House after his death; mother of 12 children).
37BradshawAbsalom (Abbie)1915In loving memory of Absalom (Abbie) Bradshaw late of Guarlford Court in this parish
(occupation: farmer)
37BradshawViolet Mary1917In loving memory of Violet Mary Bradshaw late of this parish, died June 30th 1917 aged 42 years
(sister of above)
37BradshawMary Hill1964Also of Mary H Bradshaw wife of Abbie died 6th May 1964 aged 80 years.
Saviour in thy gracious keeping, leave now our dear ones sleeping.
(maiden surname Harrison)
38SimpsonAlice1878In memory of Alice, beloved wife of Francis Simpson, who died at Malvern April 17th 1878
Thy will be done
38SimpsonFrancis1903Francis Simpson of Portswood, Malvern died May 17th 1903.
For if we believe that Jesus died & rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. (Francis, of independent means, was the grandson of John Simpson a non- conformist minister and religious writer)
39SimpsonMary1927In memory of Mary wife of Francis Simpson died March 23, 1927. So shall we ever be with the Lord
(headstone can no longer be read as it has been laid flat; second wife of Francis)
40BellJohn1890To the memory of John Bell who died 21st June 1890 aged 77 years
40BellEmily Jane Townshend1915Also of Emily Jane Townshend wife of the above, died April 16th 1915 aged 88 years ‘Resurgam’
(maiden surname Russell)
41HastingsCatherine Anna1871Catherine Anna Hastings wife of George Woodyatt Hastings died July 14th 1871. He giveth his beloved sleep
41HastingsGeorge Woodyatt1917and George Woodyatt Hastings born September 24th 1825 died October 21st 1917
42BuskWilliam1899In loving memory of William Busk who died October 30th 1899 aged 42 years ‘In the midst of life, we are in death.’
(of The Heriots, Guarlford, general-smith)
43BarrattRaymond (Hayes)1935Raymond Barratt died March 15th 1935 aged 56. In life and death O Lord abide with me.
(of the Plough and Harrow Inn, Guarlford)
44HydeArchibald James1917In loving memory of my dear husband Archibald James Hyde late of this parish, who died January 31st 1917 aged 32 years. ‘Thy will be done.’
(basket maker of Yewley House)
45GouldHenry Munckton1929At rest. In loving memory of Henry Munckton Gould, died Jan 1st 1929
(farmer of Priestfields)
45GouldMary1917Also of Mary, his wife, died Sept 21st 1917, aged 80.
46PowellEliza Blanche1937‘Reunited’ In loving memory of Eliza Blanche Powell, died Nov 16th 1937, aged 59. RIP
46PowellWilliam Thomas1954Also her beloved husband William Thomas,died Aug 1st 1954, aged 72 years
(of the Green Dragon Inn)
47BallSara1897Memory of Sara the wife of George Ball who died June 8 1897 aged 56 years. Thy will be done.
48BladderHenry1917In loving memory of Henry Bladder of Fowler’s Farm, Guarlford, Malvern, who died Dec 3rd 1917 aged 85.
48BladderMaria Ellen1918Also of Maria Ellen wife of the above who died Jan 21st 1918, aged 76. ‘Waiting in a holy stillness wrapt in sleep.’
48BladderDeborah Mary1928In dearest memory of Deborah Mary, the beloved wife of Henry Charles Bladder of Fowler’s Farm, a loving wife and mother who fell asleep in Jesus May 23rd 1928, aged 59 years. ‘At rest in the Lord.’
48BladderHenry Charles1941Henry Charles Bladder of Fowler’s Farm died July 11th 1941 aged 74 years. Ever in the thoughts of his little boys Humphrey and Harry.
48BladderTheodore Henry Charles Hawkins1938In happy memory of Theodore Henry Charles Hawkins late R.N. eldest son of Henry Charles Bladder & Deborah Mary of Fowler’s Farm, died March 18th 1938, aged 47 years. Grant him eternal rest O Lord.
48BladderHenry Charles Bladder1984In memory of Henry Charles Bladder, born Feb 7th 1933 – died
March 26th 1984
48BladderAnnie Elizabeth1986Annie Elizabeth Bladder who died Oct 16th 1986 aged 76.
49CloseCharles James1880In memory of Charles James Close.
(1851 – 1880, son of John Close,  and brother of Eli, see 321)
50CloseJohn1892In loving memory of John Close
(shoe maker of Guarlford, died 6th January 1892)
51WorthingCatherine1905In loving memory of Catherine wife of James Worthing who died Jan 3rd 1905, aged 61 years. ‘The darkness is past and the true light now shineth.’ Perfect through suffering.
52MynettWilliam1914In loving memory William Mynett who died Dec 6th 1914, aged 69 years. RIP
(Blacksmith of Bellar’s Lane)
53MartinA. W. (Fred)1938In loving memory of our son A. W.(Fred) Martin passed on Nov. 18th 1938 aged 27. Into thy hands O Lord commend my spirit (cont)
53MartinMary Jane1962and his mother Mary Jane died Aug 12th 1962, aged 72
53MartinAlfred William1968Also of his father Alfred William died 1st May 1968, aged 76 years.
55VivianWilliam Henry1928In loving memory of William Henry Vivian who died April 20 1928, aged 69 years
55VivianFlorence May1923and also his wife Florence May who died December 30th 1923, aged 58 years
55VivianLilian Ruby1912and their daughter Lillian Ruby who died October 30 1912, aged 19 years.
56MedcalfMabel1919In loving memory of Mabel beloved wife of Stephen John Medcalf of Cliffey Farm,Hanley Castle, who fell asleep February 17th 1919, aged 29 years. He gave his beloved sleep.
58MedcalfStephen George1921In loving memory of Stephen George Medcalf, of New House Farm, Guarlford, who died February 20th 1921 aged 58.
58MedcalfSarah Maria1950also in loving memory of Sarah Maria beloved wife of the above who died August 28th 1950, aged 80 years.
59BrightWilliam John1925William John Bright who dies Feb 26th aged 86
(occupation: carpenter)
59BrightSusan1923also in loving memory of Susan Bright who died Oct 7th 1923 aged 91. RIP
60PeytonFrances M1900In memoriam Frances M second daughter of the late Nicholson Peyton Esq of Barton Court Herefordshire died at Malvern 5th Jan 1900 aged 79
61PantingWilliam1915In loving memory of my dear husband William Panting who died 7th June 1915
62PantingThomas William1917In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas William Panting who died Jan 1917 aged 61 years
62PantingThomas William1917Also of my son Thomas William, Royal Field Artillery died 10th May 1917
62PantingPhillip Charles1918Also Phillip Charles Panting Wiltshire Regiment killed 1st June 1918 France aged 20. Phillip died in France and has no known grave
62PantingEllen Thornbury1950Also of Ellen Thornbury Panting who died Dec 7th 1950 aged 84 years
63PantingThomas William1917CWGC gravestone
86463 Driver Thomas William Panting Royal Field Artillery 10th May 1917 aged 20 years
64WatersRuth Amelia1963In loving memory of Ruth Amelia Waters who died 26th Nov 1963.
67HayesEdith1942Edith Hayes 1880 – 1942
67HayesTom1961Tom Hayes 1878 – 1961 of Clevelode
68ColeRaymond1946Raymond Cole died 12th Jan. 1946 aged 74
(occupation: wheel-wright)
68ColeEmily1961and his wife Emily died 10th Sept 1961 aged 90
68ColeMarjorie Emily1923Marjorie Emily Cole died 10th Oct.1923, aged 20
(school teacher)
68ColeDenis George1956Denis George Cole died 5th Dec. 1956 aged 42
69LittleJohn1925In loving memory of John Little 1868 – 1925
(fisherman of Clevelode)
69LittleMary Ann1951and his wife Mary Ann 1869 – 1951
At rest
70LittleJohn1971In loving memory of John Little 1892 – 1971
70LittleElizabeth1973and his wife Elizabeth 1896 – 1973
71SturgeEmma1969Emma Sturge nee Little 1908 – 1969
71SturgeFrancis William1989and her husband Francis William Sturge 1909 – 1989
72WatersMinnie Clara1918In loving memory of Minnie Clara Waters,who died 16th Dec 1918
72WatersEdwin1951also Edwin Waters who died 30th Jan 1951
(of Heriot’s Farm)
74WatersFrancis1963Frank In loving memory of Francis Henry beloved husband of Beatrice Gladys Waters died 4th Jan 1963 aged 65 years.
At rest.
75LittleLeonard1964In loving memory of Leonard Little 1905 – 1964. ‘Resting’
76BetteridgeAndrew William1926In loving memory of Andrew Willam Betteridge who died Jan 31st 1926 aged 56 years. RIP
(of Rose Farm)
77TomkinsWilliam Frank1951In loving memory William Frank Tomkins born Aug. 20 1879, died Sept 11 1951
(of North View, Guarlford)
77TomkinsMartin1924and Martin June 29th 1856,died Jan 10th 1924
78PritchardAlbert1928Rest  in peace
In loving memory of Albert Pritchard who died Feb 29th 1928 aged 44 years
(fishmonger of Rhydd Rd, Guarlford)
78AtyeoKathleen Rose  
80ScholefieldMary Catherine1926Loving memory of Mary Catherine Scholefield died November 24th 1926 aged 66. ‘At rest’
81FryerFrederick John1932This memorial was erected by his devoted wife and children.In ever loving memory of my dear husband Frederick John Fryer who fell asleep April 23, 1932 aged 61 years – Lead kindly light.
(occupation: cabman of Barber’s Hill, Pound Bank)
81aLittleAnnie1989Annie Little 1897 – 1989
81aLittleWalter1995and her brother Walter Little 1909 – 1995 ?
(a new headstone behind 81)
82TomkinsJohn1928In loving memory of John Tomkins died April 11th 1928, aged 70
82TomkinsElizabeth1936also Elizabeth, his wife, died April 22nd 1936, aged 82
83PowellMartin1932Martin Powell died August 12th 1932, aged 56
83PowellEliza1956also his wife Eliza Powell died May 26th 1956, aged 81
83DrewMary1989Also Mary Drew, daughter, 1907 – 1989
84PullenMary1939In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of Thomas H Pullen fell sleep May aged 69 years. 12th 1939
84PullenThomas Henry1953and of Thomas Henry Pullen fell asleep Oct 27th 1953 aged 80
85BullockJames Richard1937James Richard Bullock March 19th 1879 died August 16th 1937
85BullockEdith Maud1949Edith Maud Bullock born March 14th 1881 died March 24th 1949
86MacdonellAlexander1932In loving memory of Alexander Macdonell, of Peterboro’, Ontario, born June 1st 1847, died July 16th 1932.
(grave now largely hidden under tree)
87BeckwithElizabeth1869Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty Psa. 33 17. Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. 1 Thes. 5. 9 – 10 In memory of Elizabeth, second daughter of Major General W H Beckwith, born December 31 1810, died at Malvern February 18th 1869
88BeckwithJessie Henrietta1882In memory of Jessie Henrietta Beckwith, died at Malvern May 21st 1882. Being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Rom. V 4. So He giveth His beloved sleep. Ps cxxvii. ii
89BeckwithSophia1883My trust is in thy mercy and my heart is joyful in thy salvation. Psalm 13 5.
In memory of Sophia Beckwith youngest daughter of Major General Beckwith died February 3rd 1883 (partly obscured;
87, 88 and 89 enclosed by one kerbstone)
91BarberJohn1926In loving memory of John Barber born Dec 25 1840 died Feb 13 1926
91BarberFanny1949Also his wife Fanny born Nov 11 1862 died Oct 22 1949
93BedingtonJohn Edmund1921John Edmund Bedington died Aug 9th 1921 aged 69
93BedingtonCharles Edward1957Charles Edward Bedington died 25th February 1957 aged 58 years
93BedingtonTeresa1931Teresa Bedington died Feb 16th 1931 aged 78
93PearceOlive Isobel1952Olive Isobel Pearce died July 20th 1952 aged 67
94HydeWilliam Michael1934William Michael Hyde died April 1934 aged 80
94HydeElizabeth1945Elizabeth Hyde died March 1945 aged 81
95PriceFrank1902Frank Price of Vine Cottage who died Dec 1902 aged 60 years. In the midst of life we are in death.
(grandfather of village historian Joan Bradshaw)
96MoseleyWilliam1894In loving memory of William Moseley died Jan 30th 1894 aged 73 years. Give rest o Christ to thy servant with thy saints whose sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but everlasting life
97ReaHenry1915Henry Rea who died Aug 12th 1915 in his 72nd year
97ReaAnn1925Also of Ann Rea wife of the above who died Dec 16th 1925 in her 82nd year. Not lost but gone before, where bliss reigns unconfined, thence Lord thy comfort now, on those left here behind
98WorsterEvelyn Clara1969In loving memory of my dear wife Evelyn Clara Worster 24th Aug 1969 Rest in Peace.
99BedingtonJohn Henry1949John Henry Bedington born Oct 4th 1852 died Jan 6th 1949 aged 78 years
100ParkerJohn1883In loving memory of our dear parents John Parker died May 21st 1883 aged 60 years,
100ParkerMary1918and Mary Parker died May 2nd 1918 aged 82 years, a few more years shall roll.
101BacheElizabeth1906In loving memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of George Bache who died Nov 9 1906 aged 83
101BacheGeorge1907also of George the beloved son of George and Elizabeth Bache who died June 1st 1907 aged 27. Rest in the Lord
102EvansAlice1948In loving memory of Alice Evans died September 28th 1948
103ArnoldFrank1909In loving memory of Frank Arnold who departed this life on December 10th 1909 aged 7 years. Asleep in Jesus
104ParkerViolet May Jesus called a little child. In loving memory of Violet May the only child of G and ME Parker born May 18th 1902 died Nov15th 1906
105ParkerGeorge1944George Parker at rest 10th October 1944 aged 78
105ParkerMary Elizabeth1950also his beloved wife Mary Elizabeth 23rd June 1950 aged 77
106MilwardHenry Allarton1940Henry Allarton
very dear child of CA and AFF Milward
107MilwardEnid Mary1905Enid Mary born June 27th 1901 died March 10th 1905 daughter of LS and CM Milward
108MilwardChristopher Sidney1924Christopher Sidney born Dec 18th 1895 died March 30th 1924 eldest son of LS and CM Milward
108MilwardCharlotte Mabel1937Charlotte Mabel Milward born March 30th 1868 died January 3rd 1937
108MilwardLawrence Sidney1961Lawrence Sidney Milward born Aug 26th 1865 died Feb 6th 1961
(occupation: mathematics teacher, Malvern College, and editor of The  Malvern Register)
108MilwardDavid1944and his son David killed in action 27-4-1944
(also mentioned on lest we forget page)
108MilwardHeather1973and Heather Milward born Aug 10 1905 died Sep 6 1973
113JacksonDennis Alfred1944CWGC gravestone
14529318 Private D A Jackson The Worcestershire Regt
12th August 1944
113JacksonJohn William Henry A plaque near the base of the above memorial records his brother John William Henry Jackson, died 22nd February 2008 aged 86 years
114JacksonElizabeth Margaret1980In loving memory of Elizabeth Margaret Jackson 1897 – 1980
114JacksonThomas1988and her husband Thomas Jackson 1894 – 1988. At Rest
115PedlinghamWinifred Mable1987In loving memory of a devoted wife Winifred Mabel Pedlingham died 23rd May 1987 aged 57 years. Lay in the arms of Jesus
116ArnoldCharles1933In loving memory of Charles Arnold died Jan 25th 1933 aged 84
116ArnoldMary1933also of Mary his wife died Jan 29th 1933 aged 75. Love than death itself so strong
117TandyAlbert1892In loving memory of Albert the beloved son of William and Mary Ann Tandy of Guarlford died March 7th 1892 aged 19 years. Blessed are those servants of the Lord, when he comes, shall find watching
St Luke XII 37
119AllsepDoris Annie In memory of Doris Annie Allsep who fell asleep in Jesus October 12th 1896 aged 14 months. Suffer little children to come unto me
121WillisWilliam1871In loving memory of William Willis died April 18th 1871 aged 47 years
121WillisElizabeth1890also Elizabeth Willis wife of the above died February 17th 1890 aged ? years. Thy will be done
122SummersRobert1892Sacred to the memory of Robert Summers an old and respected member of this parish who died Oct 5th 1892 aged 84 years. For if we belive that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him
1 Thess IV 14
126Hastings a child1878The infant son of George Woodyatt and Frances Anna Hastings June 9th 1878
129BrushMargaret1950In loving memory of Margaret Brush who entered into rest 7th Sep 1950 aged 58 years
129BrushFrederick William1972also her husband Frederick William Brush 1889 – 1972
130YoungAnne Maria1950In memory of Anne Maria Young who passed away10th Oct 1950 aged 85 years
130YoungMark Alfred1952Mark Alfred Young who passed away 4th March 1952
130YoungGeorge William1986also their son George William Young died June 28th 1986 aged 85 years
134PughAmelia Morton In loving memory of Amelia Morton Pugh died 14th Nov 1961 aged 71 years
135ReadRhoda Muriel In loving memory of Rhoda Muriel Read died January 31st 1962 aged 59 years
135ReadRichard Whyman also Richard Whyman Read died November 12 1971 aged 68 years
136CraddockW W Craddock died Feb 1895
137ParkerElizabeth In memory of Elizabeth Parker died 15th November 1890 aged 80 years
137ParkerWilliam Frederick also William Frederick Parker died Sep 23 1896 aged 83 years
138TaylorHerbert A truly honest man, Herbert Taylor, beloved husband of Josie who died 12th Sept 1987. aged 63 years
139JonesWilliam1851Sacred to the memory of William Jones (of this parish) who departed this life January 22nd 1851 aged 54 years. Surely I come quickly
Rev XXII xx
140DayJob1863Sacred to the memory of Job Day, who died after a very sudden illness August 6th AD1863 aged 19 years
143SimsRose Hannah1951Rose Hannah Sims died 14th Jan 1951 aged 74 years
143SimsGeorge Henry1960George Henry Sims died 4th March 1960 aged 89 years.
Abide with me
145JonesFlorence Emily
Timothy George
1952In loving memory of Florence Emily and Timothy George Jones 1885 – 1952
145JonesCecil Henry1972also their son Cecil Henry 1912 – 1972
149WebsterStanley Collis1990Stanley Collis Webster 1915 – 13 March 1990 aged 74
152SowerbyWilliam Neville1982Treasured memories, William Neville Sowerby died Sept 7 1982 aged 79
152SowerbyDaisy Elizabeth1986and his wife Daisy Elizabeth died Oct 2 1986 aged 81. Reunited
154AttwoodJames1947Inscription scratched on small brass plate.
In loving memory of James Attwood died Nov 4 1947 aged 17 1/2
155GeorgeThomas1952In loving memory of Thomas George 11 July 1866 – 9 Jan 1952
155GeorgeJane1959and Jane his wife 3 Nov 1863 – 30 July 1959
155GeorgeFrederick Thomas1977also their son Frederick Thomas George died 24 February 1977
155GeorgeAda Annie1984and his wife Ada Annie died 15 January 1984
159FreerCatharine1861In loving memory of Catharine Freer who died May 2 1861 aged 66 years. As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive
161YoungMaud Winifred1983In loving memory of a dear wife Maud Winifred Young died 20th October 1983 aged 73 years. Rest in peace.
162GoughDoris1988In loving memory of Doris Gough 20th April 1904 14th February 1988 wife of the late Jack Gough
164WhiteEmily Maud  
167WoolleyClarence W1941In loving memory of Clarence W Woolley 1879 – 1941. I know that my redeemer liveth.
168SharlandWilliam James1986In loving memory of William James Sharland priest who passed to his rest May 11th 1986 requiesact in pace
169PowellMargaret Helen1936Margaret Helen Powell 10 may 1936 – 26 July 1986. She set in silver all she sang
171  1862 
173FancourtWilliam Joseph1852This stone is laid to the memory of William Joseph Fancourt minister of this church who died May 15th 1852 aged 42 years.
Rev XIV Ch 13
173FancourtAgnes1873Also of Agnes the beloved wife of the above died 14 March 1873 aged 68 years
(maiden surname Bell)
173FancourtJane1925Also of Jane Fancourt their younger daughter who died May 27 1925 aged 78 years
174WoodingsAnnie1855In loving memory of Annie Woodings who died 18 June 1955 aged 75 years
175TylerLilian In memory of Lilian Tyler
175TylerJack1973and of Jack Tyler died 30 Jan 1973
176WallGeorge C1942In loving memory of George C Wall of Whitakers Farm, died June 27 1942
176WallEmily E1942and his wife Emily E Wall died Feb 19 1942
178LewisJohn (Jack)1987In loving memory of John Lewis (Uncle Jack) born September 13th 1888 died September 28th 1987 aged 99 years
179BallardHenry1886In loving memory of Henry Ballard who died Nov 4th 1886 aged 65 years
179BallardAnne1888also of Anne Ballard wife of the above who died Nov 3rd 1888 aged 65 years.
180EdwardsWilliam1887In loving memory of William Edwards died 18th June 1887 aged 54 years
‘Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him’
180EdwardsMargaret1892Margaret beloved wife of the above died 25th September 1892 aged 58 years.
‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’
181FarleyThomas1872In memory of Thomas Farley late of Bristol who died September 18th 1872 aged 75 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
181PowellMaria K1881also of Maria K Powell niece of the above who died July 14 1881 aged 58
182PartingtonJohn1898In loving memory of John Partington who entered into rest Sep 7 1898 aged 73 years. Waiting for the coming of our Lord
182PartingtonMaria1912also Maria wife of the above who entered into rest Feb 22nd 1912 aged 80 years. Abide with us
185EdwardesEmmie Tudor1928On front of base. In dear memory of Emmie Tudor Edwardes, nursing sister, SRN, who died November 13th 1928
185EdwardesFrances Tudor1945On rear of base. Also Frances Tudor Edwardes, nursing sister, SRN, who died March 16th 1945.
On back of headstone, ihs RIP rock of ages
186StoneRichard1910In loving memory of Richard Stone who died September 13th 1910 aged 73 years. Jesus mercy
187StoneElizabeth1883In affectionate remembrance of ihs Elizabeth the beloved wife of Richard Stone late of Fowler’s Farm Madresfield who died December the 5th 1883 aged 84. Jesus mercy
187StoneRichard1891also father of the above Richard Stone who died September 29th 1891 aged 88 years.
Jesu mercy
(retired farmer formerly of Rhydd Farm)
188BuchanRobert1888In sacred and loving memory of our dear father, mother and brother Robert Buchan died Nov 24th 1888
aged 64
188BuchanMargaret Symmers1902Margaret Symmers died Dec 30th 1902 aged 74 (interred at Highgate, London)
188BuchanRobert1883Rober Buchan died July 20th 1883 aged 24 ‘He giveth his beloved sleep’
189GarfieldEileen Margaret1977In loving memory of Eileen Margaret Garfield a beloved wife and mother passed away 16th March 1977 aged 46 years
Thank you for the loving years we had together
I love you. Good night
God bless you and keep you safe
190HolderReginald1975loving memory Reginald Holder 2nd Jan. 1899 23rd Aug. 1975
‘Resting where no shadows fall’
191SimsWilliam1943William Sims died Sept 28 1943 aged 84
191SimsMargaret1955and margaret his wife died Jany 22 1955 aged 89
193mound (re-used)   
194DineleyHarriot Giffard1858Sacred to the memory of Harriot Giffard Dineley widow of the late F Dineley Esquire who died on March 9th 1858 at Priestfield House in this parish aged 77 years
195DineleyWilliam Pyke1856In memory of William Pyke Dineley who died Feb 26th 1856 aged 41 years
I am the resurrection and the life Saith the Lord. He that believeth in me shall never die
195DineleyAnn1873also Ann beloved wife of the above died May 3rd 1873 aged 53
195DineleyHarriot Anne1927also Harriot Anne beloved daughter of the above died July 21st 1927 aged 77 My grace is sufficient for thee
195DineleyAugusta1929Augusta Dineley died Feb 12th 1929
195DineleyFrancis1932Francis Dineley died April 1st 1932
197LambertEliza Amelia1955In memory of Eliza Amelia beloved wife of William Henry Lambert who died July 20th 1955 aged 81 years. At rest
198SkillernHenry Matthew1961In loving memory of Henry Matthew Skillern died April 28 1961 aged 69 years. Rest in peace
198SkillernGladys Margaret1977also his wife Gladys Margaret died April 9 1977 aged 83 years
200BosworthSarah Ann1955In loving memory of Sarah Anm Bosworth who died August 6 1955 in her 90th year. At rest
200BosworthJames1960also of James Bosworth who died Sept 12 1960 aged 86 years. Reunited
201DepperCharles Vincent1955In loving memory of Charles Vincent  Depper of Ellesmere, Clevelode, late Portefields Farm, Worcester 24th Feb 1872 – 29 Sep 1955. In heavenly love abiding
202MarsdenEleaner Winifred1959Eleaner Winifred Marsden 19th March 1959
202MarsdenJohn Hubert1961John Hubert Marsden 15th March 1961
203WallLeonard James1958Leonard James Wall at rest 20th June 1958 aged 85
203WallCatherine Anne1964also of his wife Catherine Anne died 1st July 1964
204AttwoodJohn1958In loving memory of John Attwood who died 5th April 1958 aged 69 years
204AttwoodOlive Emma1969also his beloved wife Olive Emma who died 7th January 1969 aged 80 years. Reunited
205PriceAlfred Arthur In loving memory of Alfred Arthur Price age 71 years
205PriceNellie Ada Nellie Price aged 78 years. Reunited
206BedingtonGeorge Francis1955In loving memory of George Francis Bedington who died March 26 1955 aged 65 years
206BedingtonClara1983also his wife Clara who died May 18 1983 aged 92 years. At rest
208RiggsTeresa Margaret1968In loving memory of Teresa Margaret Riggs who died 2nd March 1968 aged 89 years RIP
209   Jesus called a little child unto him. October 21st 1910 – June 3rd 1912. (Also an  inscription in Latin).
210BallFrederick Edmund1972In loving memory of Frederick Edmund Ball 1855 – 1972
210BallFlora Millicent1977and his wife Flora Millicent Ball 1887 – 1977. Rest in the arms of the Lord
211AdamsLaura Elizabeth1857Sacred to the meory of Laura Elizabeth wife of Thomas Adams who departed this life Feb 3rd 1857 aged 36 years
211AdamsThomas1867also of Thomas Adams husband of the above who died Sep 29th 1867 aged 46 years
211acrumbling 1857 
212RogersBarbara Grave with a marble cube flower container. Barbara Rogers aged 81 years
213KenwickTerry1981In loving memory of Terry Kenwick a dearly loved husband and father died July 21st 1981 aged 46 years. Mizthpa
214JohnsonHenry1904In loving memory of Henry Johnson of the Whitakers who died May 2nd 1904 aged 77 years
214JohnsonMary1884also of Mary his wife wo died August 31st 1884 aged 39 years
215SharlandSusannah1855In memory of Susannah Sharland who died April 20th 1855
216CamJoan1971In memory of my beloved wife Joan Cam 10.5.1922 – 2.1.1971
217GowenClaude William1975In loving memory of Claude William Gowen 31 Aug 1887 – 22 Oct 1975
217GowenSarah Ann1978and of his wife Sarah Ann Gowen 7 Aug 1887 – 20 Apr 1978
218PhillipsJohn William Gilbert1974In loving memory of John William Gilbert Phillips died 4th June 1974 aged 80 years
218PhillipsKate Elizabeth1972and his wife Kate Elizabeth died 8th Nov 1972 aged 82 years
219SmithRichard1898Richard Smith died June 8th 1898 aged 47 years. The Lord’s will be done
220JacksonEllen Frances Ellen Frances Jackson died March 29 1974 aged 87 years, lovingly remembered by Josie and Herbert, David and Andrew
221GammondArthur Henry1973Arthur Henry Gammond died 22nd Oct 1973 aged 76
221GammondMary1975Mary Gammond died 28th Oct 1975 aged 79
222CalwayMary Jackson1967Mary Jackson Calway 1879 – 1967 beloved wife and mother RIP
223HayesHenry1860In loving memory of Henry Hayes who departed this life March 30th 1860 aged 40 years
223HayesMary Ann1863also Mary Ann his beloved wife who died August 11th 1863 aged 44 years.
Weep not, St Luke VII 13
For those who throng th’ eternal throne, lost are the tears they shed, they are the living, they above, whom thus we call the dead
225HydeGeorge1901In loving memory of George Hyde died June 13th 1901 aged 80 years
225HydeMary1912also Mary Hyde wife of the above died Dec 26th 1912 aged 78 years
226illegible 1875 
227WoodCicely1952In loving memory of our dear parents Cicely Wood died 6th September 1952 aged 52 years
227WoodRossington1964Rossington Wood died 24th July 1964 aged 67 years. Rest in peace
228BeaumontJames1963In loving memory of James Beaumont born 18th Sep 1892 died 8th Jan 1963
228BeaumontRona Maud1985Rona Maud Beaumont 17th Aug 1902 – 24th march 1985. At rest
229SkillernIvor Gerald1965In loving memory of Ivor Gerald Skillern died 28th April 1965 aged 43.
230SullivanShaun Maurice1970In memory of Shaun Maurice Sullivan dearly loved husband and father, tragically killed May 30th 1970 aged 19 years
231WelshMargaret Eliza1967In loving memory of Margaret Eliza Welsh 1873 – 1967. Blessed are the pure in heart.
Matt. V 8
232EllisWinifred Mary1973In loving  memory of Winifred Mary Ellis June 4th 1973 aged 85 years
233BakewellWilliam James1973In loving memory of William James Bakewell died January 27 1973 aged 51 years
234ClarkThomas1959In memory of Thomas Clark passed away May 24th 1959 aged 85
234ClarkAlice Elizabeth1970and his wife Alice Elizabeth on March 29 1970 aged 86. God bless
235EvansEliza1889Sacred to the memory of Eliza the beloved wife of Samuel Evans who died Feb 5th 1889 aged 67 years. For ever with the Lord
235EvansSamuel1897Also to the memory of Samuel Evans husband of the above for 50 years. Sexton of St Mary’s Church Guarlford who died March 20th 1897 aged 80 years. Thy will be done.
236SullivanGeorge Edward1969In loving memory of George Edward Sullivan a devoted husband and father called to rest 26th August 1969 aged 44 years
237ProsserConstance E1975In loving memory of Constance E Prosser died 23rd September 1975 aged 62 years
238SullivanBeatrice M1963A dear mother. Beatrice M Sullivan who died 25th March 1963 aged 62 years
240JonesWilliam Henry1964To the dear memory of William Henry Jones fell asleep 11th July 1964 aged 56 years
241ThorneAlfred W1964In loving memory of Alfred W Thorne, 4th Aug 1964, aged 75
241ThorneNellie1967and Nellie his wife 16th Feb 1967, aged 75
242YappA1964Memories A. Yapp 31.12.64
242YappJ.1973Memories J. Yapp 8.8.73
244ProsserWilliam Reginald Clovis1967Memories William Reginald Clovis Prosser 29th Aug 1923
20th Oct 1967
245PreeceAnn1855Sacred to the memory of Ann Preece who died February 10th 1855 aged 56 years. Blessed are the dead in the Lord.
245PreeceThomas1862also Thomas Preece husband of the above who died July 8th 1862 aged 66 years.
246mound  (wooden cross – no name)
248ClarkCharles Thomas1935In loving memory of Charles Thomas Clark who passed away August 6th 1935 aged 31. The Lord hath need of him. St Mark X1 (3)
249DavisWilliam1884In loving memory our dear father William Davis who departed this life Dec 3rd 1884 aged 41 years. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.
249DavisElizabeth1911Also of our dear mother Elizabeth Davis who departed this life Dec 16th 1911, aged 67 years. Gone but not forgotten.
250HamptonKathleen1981‘Always with us.’ Kathleen Hampton 13.2.1920   9.11.1981
251LaneCyril James1983In loving memory of Cyril James Lane
1902 – 1983
252LaneArthur Edwin1984In loving memory of Arthur Edwin Lane died 31st March 1984, aged 88 years
252LaneAlice1951and of Alice, his wife, died 8th September 1951 aged 52 years
254LaneGertrude Anne1940In loving memory of Gertrude Anne Lane died 7th April 1940
254LaneEdith Mary1950also Edith Mary Lane died 31st March 1950 aged 57. Time passes but memories remain.
255LaneGeorge Edwin1939In loving memory of George Edwin Lane,
died February 10. 1939, aged 76 years
255LaneAnnie1952also Annie, his wife, died February 23rd. 1952 aged 82 years.
256LaneEdwin1887In loving memory of Edwin Lane, Woodbridge Farm, died November 28. 1887 aged 59 years
256LaneSarah1895also Sarah, his wife, died January 15 1895, aged 70 years.
257LaneGeorge1882In loving memory of George Lane, Woodbridge Farm died January 22 1882 aged 91 years
257LaneMary1870also Mary his wife died February 25 1870, aged 63 years
259BourneElizabeth1884In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of James Bourne, died Oct 4. 1884 aged 52.He giveth his beloved sleep
260RussellIsabella Mary1897In memory of Isabella Mary Russell of Peckham Grove Malvern died Sep 3rd 1897. I know that my redeemer liveth
261RussellPriscilla1852Sacred to the memory of Priscilla the beloved and deeply lamented wife of John Russell of Peckham Grove in the parish who died on the ?? day of Sep 1852 aged 62 years.
261RussellJohn1861Also of John Russell who departed this life the 15 day of January 1861 aged 78 years.
(note: John’s brother William is buried in the churchyard of Great Malvern Priory. William Russell of Peckham Grove died Feb 19th 1857 aged 77 years. William’s wife Ann is buried with him. She died Nov 1st 1843 aged 60 years)
262BushellWilliam1845In memory of William Bushell late of Kensington who died June 10th 1845 aged 66 years
262BushellFrances1845also Frances his wife who died July 27th 1845 aged 76 years
263BurrowWilliam1845William Burrow died April VII MDCCCXLV aged LII. Lord remember me.
(April 7th 1845, aged 52. Servant, first burial in the churchyard)
264ShepheardJohn1855The memory of the just is blessed. Proverbs X Chap VII verse. John Shepheard died September 8th 1855 aged 59 years
In loving memory of Sarah Healey who died March 11. 1926, aged 76
266HealeyGeorge1907In loving memory of George Healey (of Ivy Cottage, Guarlford) died March 18th 1907, aged 70, ‘at rest’.
267HealeyAnn1912Sacred to the memory of Ann Healey died July 28th 1912 aged 77. He giveth his beloved sleep.
268HealeyElizabeth1855In memory of Elizabeth Healey of Clevelode in this parish who died July 5th 1855 aged 48 years
268HealeyJohn1892also John Healey who died August 5th 1892 aged 86
(occupation: coachman of Clevelode)
269LakinJohn Marsh1849John Marsh Lakin died Oct xxxi (31), mdcccxlix (1849) in the iv (4th) year of his life
270HealeyAlice Victoria1912In loving memory of Alice Victoria Healey died May 14th 1912 aged 24. ‘Grant her O Lord eternal rest and let light perpetual shine upon her.’
272WadleyHenry1856To the memory of Henry Wadley who departed this life Aug 31 1856 in the 42nd year of his age.
(farmer of Coney Green born Malvern)
273WhiteEmma1879In loving memory of Emma White died January 5th 1879 (at Cowleigh Park Farm) aged 68. Her end was peace.
274broken stone   
275ReedKathleen Annie1971In loving memory of Kathleen Annie Reed, devoted wife of George, entered into rest 29. October 1971, aged 69 years.
Sadly missed
276YoungEvelyn Martha1962In memory of Evelyn Martha Young who passed away 24th June 1962 aged 64 years
276YoungMark Henry1970Also of Mark Henry Young who passed away 25th June 1970, aged 71 years
277MorrisWilliam Hubert1969William Hubert Morris,died 12th May 1969, aged 87
277MorrisMabel1961Mabel Morris, died 23rd November 1961 aged 73
278FisherBessie1961Bessie Fisher died 16th July 1961 aged 77 years.
(of 3 Penny Close, according to Probate records)
279AndrewsPhoebe1852In memory of Phoebe Andrews who died Febry 28th 1852 aged 67 years
279AndrewsGeorge1853also George husband of the above died March 12 1853 aged 66 years
281DooleyEliza1869To the memory of Eliza Dooley, only child of the late George Dooley of Lower Withington Cheshire, who died at Malvern March 6th 1869 aged 53 years
(servant of Mary Garlike)
282GarlikeMary1867Here rests Mary Garlike child of William and Lydia Garlike whose bodies are laid in a vault in the Priory Church of Great Malvern. She departed March 20th 1867 aged 88 years
283NewellThomas Percival1957In loving memory of Thomas Percival Newell died 24th May 1957
283NewellDorothy1967and of Dorothy his wife died 18th September 1967
284NeedMary1862In memory of Mary Need widow of the late George Need (of New House Farm in this parish) who departed this life November 24th 1862 aged 82 years
284NeedJohn1863also of John Need (late of Churchill in this county) son of the above who departed this life January 13th 1863 aged 61 years
284NeedMary1870also Mary the beloved wife of James Need, died Sept. 26th 1870 aged 57 years
284NeedThomas1883also of Thomas Need (of New House Farm) who died July 5th 1883 aged 72 years
284NeedJames1887also of James Need formerly of Kings-Hill, Leigh, who died June 6th 1887 aged 74 years
285TaylorBarbara Sellars1928In memory of Barbara Sellars Taylor dearly beloved wife of Thomas M Taylor, who died at Cherry Orchard Guarlford Feb 3rd 1928 aged 60 years
285TaylorThomas M.1943and of Thomas M Taylor November 15th 1943 aged 85 years
286BradshawFlorence Ada1959Sacred to the memory of Florence Ada greatly beloved wife of Victor Bradshaw passed to her rest 16th May 1959 aged 69 RIP
287No trace – kerbstone buried  on footstone,
EM 1846?
WM 1860?
288HobbsEmilie Gertrude1957Emilie Gertrude Hobbs 1870 – 1957
(maiden name Bullock)
289HobbsThomas Auther1954Thomas Auther Hobbs 1865 – 1954
290BullockJames1848Sacred to the memory of James eldest son of John Bullock of Guarlford Court died April 29, 1848 aged 12 years
290BullockElizabeth1883also of Elizabeth wife of the above John Bullock who died November 13 1883 aged 76 years
290BullockJohn1893also John Bullock husband of the above died Oct 1 1893 aged 87
290BullockJohn1895also John Bullock son of the above born Jan 16th 1839 died Oct 1st 1895
290BullockSusannah Maria1913also Susannah Maria widow of the above who died 25th November 1913 aged 68 years.
291BullockThomas1857Sacred to the memory of Thomas fourth son of William Bullock (late of Guarlford Court) who departed this life May 8th 1857 aged 45.
291BullockAnne1860Also Anne relict of the above William Bullock died May 9th 1860 aged 88 years.
292BullockEliza1856Sacred to the memory of Eliza the beloved wife of Joseph Bullock who died June 30th 1856 aged 54 years
292BullockElizabeth1885also of Elizabeth second wife of Joseph Bullock who died August 21st 1885 aged 74 years
293OliverAmelia1914Amelia Oliver who died March 31st 1914 aged 79 years
293OliverWilliam1915William Oliver who died June 24th 1915 aged 78
294BanfordThomas Edward1895In loving memory of Thomas Edward Banford eldest son of the late William and Harriet Banford of Sherrards Green Farm who died May 22nd 1895 aged 51 years.Thy will be done.
295YoungGeorgiana Ellen1866Here lieth the body of Georgiana Ellen daughter of George and Phoebe Young, who departed May 8th 1866 aged 1 year and 10 months. Of such is the kingdom of heaven
297BanfordWilliam1865In memory of William Banford of Sherrards Green Farm in the parish of Great Malvern who departed this life January 24th 1865 aged 51 years
297BanfordHarriet1885also of Harriet wife of the above who died August 10th 1885 aged 79 years. Thy will be done.
298BanfordFrances1865In memory of Frances relict of the late Mr Thomas Banford of Sherrards Green in this parish who died March 26th 1865 age 95 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
299BlakeCharles1861In memory of Charles Blake of the White House Farm, in the parish of Great Malvern who departed this life August 21 1861 aged 47. In the midst of life we are in death
299BlakeAnn1875also Ann Blake wife of the above who departed this life July 30th 1875 aged 69 years. Watch ye therefore and pray
300FernihoughWilliam1936William Fernihough died June 16th 1936 aged 76 years
(note: of Church Cottage, Guarlford; probate granted to Revd Newson)
301Major-LucasGertrude1931Gertrude Major-Lucas
January 4th 1931
302HaynesWalter1859Sacred to the memory of Walter Haynes of Hanley Castle in this county, who died Dec. 28th 1859, aged 72 years
302HaynesJulianna Tonkin1874also JuliannaTonkin wife of the above born July the 10th 1797 died August 28th 1874.
God is love.
303CottrellCharles Trevor1976In memory of Charles Trevor Cottrell priest 1906 – 1976. Requiescat in Pace
(vicar of St Nicholas Hereford 1944 – 1961)
303CottrellCeinwen1980also his wife Ceinwen 1898 – 1980
304BoazEveral Louisa
In loving memory, Everal Louisa Boaz 1885 – 1969. Thomas Boaz 1885 – 1975
305RobertsWilliam Guy1964In memory of William Guy Roberts April 15 1964 aged 69 years
305RobertsViolet Agnes1981also Violet Agnes his wife November 15 1981 aged 86 years
306ChesterCapt Frank Edwin1963In memory of Capt Frank Edwin Chester 22nd June 1963
306ChesterEsther Madge1970and Esther Madge Chester  27th February 1970
307HillStephen Guy1978Loving memories Stephen Guy Hill 1967 – 1978. In God’s keeping
308FrithA1972A Frith 9-2-72 RIP
309GrundyJohn1980In memory of John Grundy 1911 – 1980
310BrownLucy1978In loving memory, Lucy Brown 1885 – 1978
311SimsViolet Edith1969In loving memory, Violet Edith Sims 1907 – 1969
312LittleBeatrice Hilda1968In loving memory, Beatrice Hilda Little 1899 – 1968 RIP
313RobertsHarold1988In loving memory of Harold Roberts 1907 – 1988. At rest
314KennettLaura1970In loving memory of Laura Kennett 1904 – 1970. May God bless
316BladderFlorence Mabel1975In loving memory of Florence Mabel Bladder 9th May 1889 – 10th Jan 1975
317HallamCissie1987In loving memory of Cissie Hallam 1905 – 1987
318HalwardLeslie George1976Leslie George Halward 1905 – 1976
319WattsBettine Mary1979In loving memory of Bettine Mary Watts 1919 – 1979
320SummersAlbert1927In loving memory of my dear husband Albert Summers who died July 17 1927 aged 38 years.
Peace perfect peace.
321CloseEli John1925(gas-fitter, born Guarlford, died 25 Jan 1925 Manchester, aged 72)
323BeauchampOlive1990Olive Beauchamp 1906 – 1990 (cremation)