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Mem. NoSurnamePlaceCounty IDFromTo
304 Abbot Worcestershire/ Warwickshire WOR/ WAR Any
13 Acock Worcestershire/ Gloucestershire WOR/ GLS 1750 1900
966 Adams Ribbesford WOR prior to 1900
850 Adey/ Ady Ribbesford/ Kidderminster WOR 1750 1841
510 Alderman Lancashire/ Cheshire LAN/ CHS 1600 1900
295 Aldridge Elmley Lovet/ Worcestershire WOR Any
661 Allen Malvern WOR 1865 onwards
581 Allen Worcester WOR prior to 1819
510 Allman Lancashire/ Cheshire LAN/ CHS 1600 1900
244 Allvey Middlesex MDX Any
88 Ames Birmingham WAR 1800 1900
783 Ames East London ESS/ KEN prior to 1900
989 Anderson Clevelode WOR Any
899 Andrews Pershore WOR 1822 1900
846 Andrews Alvechurch WOR prior to 1800
340 Archer Malvern WOR 1800 1900

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