We have received the following enquiry about the Worcestershire War effort, specifically Metal Box  and Spitfires, which you may be able to help with:

I am researching the history of the Spitfires that were bought during WWII for the war effort by the people of Worcester. This is part of a project to mount a life size Spitfire aircraft at Perdiswell as a memorial to the people who trained and flew there as well as a tribute to the effort put in by the people of Worcestershire during WWII to the war effort.

I have read that Metal Box outsourced facilities during the war to build gliders for what I might guess is the invasion of Normandy, although that is speculation as to why Metal Box might be building gliders in WWII. I would love to know more about what and how they did that as it will provide more back ground as to Worcesters involvement in war activities at that time.

Metal Box is also listed as having purchased a Spitfire for the War Effort. I have conflicting numbers for this Spitfire and have to wonder if they bought two? Do you have any information of records that might show how, when, or what they actually did do? Who would I contact to find out more? Photos would be fantastic!

As a point of interest we have a facebook site ‘The Worcestershire Spitfire Memorial Trust’ that you might like to have a look at.

Regards for now,

Steve Whyatt

email: teachair4u2fly@yahoo.co.uk