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Mem. NoSurnamePlaceCounty IDFromTo
836 Wolloxall Bewdley WOR 1750 1900
545 Wood Malvern WOR Any
650 Wood Staffordshire STS 1700 1900
63 Wood Castlemorton/ Worcestershire WOR 1830 1880
814 Wood Hanley William WOR 1750 1870
814 Wood Edvin Loach WOR 1650 1800
304 Woodbine Worcestershire/ Warwickshire WOR/ WAR prior to 1850
11 Woodcock Gloucester City GLS Any
617 Woodward Worcester WOR Any
31 Woolley Elsecar YKS Any
31 Woolley Liverpool LAN Any
88 Wootton Birmingham WAR 1700 1900
641 Worrall Worcestershire/ Herefordshire WOR/ HEF Any
472 Wright Lancashire LAN 1800 1900
67 Wygood Somerset/ Wiltshire/ Devon SOM/ WIL/ DEV 1550 1650
462 Wyld Worcestershire WOR Any
462 Wyld Worcestershire WOR 1400 onwards
733 Yapp Worcester WOR 1750 1850