Robert and I ran a publicity stand at The Hanleys Village Show on Saturday 26 August and Malvern Wells Fete on Sunday 10 September. At both events we had a steady flow of people looking at our display of old Malvern postcards, finding out what we do as a society and asking us questions about family and local history. We handed out information sheets, advice and past copies of Tree Tappers.

RS at The Hanleys Village Show 2023
Robert at our car boot stand, The Hanleys Village Show.

At Hanley Swan village hall we were on the car boot site with limited space but we managed very well with a table and a garden umbrella.

Our pitch at Malvern Wells was bigger (the fete is held on the large green space in The Crescent off St Wulstans Drive) and we were able to make use of Robert’s splendid gazebo. A couple of showers demonstrated that it is waterproof.

It was good to spend a few hours chatting to people with an interest in family history. Both afternoons were fun and we thank the organisers for allowing us to take part.

Wendy Gillespie

Publicity gazebo at Malvern Wells Fete 2023
Robert & Wendy in the publicity gazebo at Malvern Wells Fete