One of the photos used on our Photographs meeting.
Photo now known to be Jessie Davis from Newport. Taken in early 1890s

The theme of the meeting was photographs and what they can lead to in terms of your family history.

Most people have collections of family photos and inherit others. For your own, it’s usually possible to identify the people in it and describe the context but for older ones, it can be harder. If you are lucky, someone will have noted names on the back but that is not always the case.

In this meeting four members described how much they had learned about their family history from one photo.

  • A master mariner and his voyages to Buenos Aires.
  • A wedding photo with relations only from the bride’s family together with a collection of photos not at first sight related to anyone.
  • An aunt who lived a colourful life in the theatre and South Africa.
  • A picture of a midwife with triplets.

The aim was to show how just hints from photographs can lead you on to discover more about your family and the speakers succeeded. Our thanks go to them for their work in putting this evening together.