Malvern Museum 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Malvern’s museum, in Priory Gatehouse, has been open 40 years. It holds a lot of local history in a small space and also has a good archive of local documents (which may be of interest to our members!). They have sent us this invitation to their celebrations.

Malvern Museum Society began life 40 years ago and 2020 will mark the anniversary of the Priory Gatehouse in Abbey Road becoming the museum’s permanent home.

The trustees of the Society are planning to mark this achievement with two public events on Monday 23rd September at the Abbey Hotel. There will be displays highlighting some of the museum’s successes, along with refreshments.

Also, at this venue there will be a short talk starting at 3.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. in which staff members and trustees will explain the museum’s journey so far and how it hopes to move forward. A major reason for holding this event is to encourage more people to come forward to help the Museum continue its role as a guardian of local history.

The trustees would also like to explore the opportunity of creating a Malvern History or Heritage Centre in a suitable building which could combine the work and archives of all the organisations such as yourselves who have an interest in historical and cultural aspects of the town and local area.

The museum will be open with free admission from 10.30 am until 7.00 pm on the day.

The trustees of Malvern Museum Society invite you and your members to visit the museum and to join us at one or other of these two sessions to hear about our work and our proposal.