Malvern in a Day cover

You may remember the talk by our member Jan Condon on the “Malvern in a Day” project during lockdown. This project started as a task to catalogue the archive of photos all taken in Malvern on one day in 1971 (July 30th) by Michael Dowty, the Worcester photographer. The project quickly morphed into something else, as such things do.

As well as archiving the photographs, Jan collected the memories of local people who lived in Malvern at the time and created a photographic display last year outside Waitrose. It was there for about two months and often people were found discussing the photographs and reminiscing about the 1970s.

Now, she has compiled the photographs and memories into a book and it’s been published.

You can buy the book at any of the three bookshops in Great Malvern and at Malvern Museum.

On sale through MFHS

Jan will also be selling the books at our meeting and we hope to make them available through this website soon.

The book’s price is £15. It is 199 pages long with 104 illustrations, most by Dowty but some by others, inc. Robert Savage, our chairman.

All proceeds from sales go to help future conservation of local historic materials and support future research.