History and Restoration in Droitwich : an Exhibition

An exhibition 8TH – 30TH SEPTEMBER 2018 at ST ANDREWS CHURCH, DROITWICH on restoration to life 600 years ago.

Currently covered with boards and scaffolding, the building at 31 High Street is being restored to its original 1400s appearance. Using photographs of the restoration work in progress, architect’s plans and drawings, together with documentary evidence, this exhibition captures the story of 31-35 High Street which was originally an open hall house complex (with 31 as the solar range), parts of which have been dated back to 1340.

This exhibition has been organised and coordinated by the Historic Droitwich & Dodderhill Research Group. Access to the exhibition is available whenever the church open to the public and not in use for parish business

Free entry but a donation to the Church would be appreciated

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