MFHS ran a publicity stand in St Lawrence’s Church, Evesham, as part of the medieval market held during the weekend of 18-19 May. The market is held every year to raise funds for the re-enactment of the Battle of Evesham of 1265, to be held this year on 3-4 August. Within the church we shared the space with a number of groups including South Worcestershire Archaeology Group, Worcestershire Re-enactors and the Evesham Rambling Club. Various local charities also had stands. Displayed along the central aisle was the Evesham History Tapestry, 45 feet long, illustrating the history of the town worked in cloth and thread.

Outside, St Lawrence’s was surrounded by numerous stalls, some selling period replica armour, weapons and clothes, but others the more usual market fare of pottery, jewellery, leather goods, candles, greetings cards, gifts, food and drink. This was the first time I had seen a man in medieval robes selling plastic dinosaurs. In Abbey Park various living history groups entertained the crowds with demonstrations of archery, axe throwing and sword fighting. A warm, sunny day ensured plenty of spectators.

As usual, Robert and I enjoyed talking to the visitors who stopped by to chat about their family history, ask questions or look through our book of old Malvern postcards.

Wendy Gillespie