We have received the following information from the Federation of Family History Societies.

Changes to the search facility ‘Find War Dead’ at Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website

You are probably aware that the CWGC has recently revised the search facility on its website where it is possible to use a combination of filters to focus on people of interest who appear in its “Find War Dead” database.

These changes have given rise to a flurry of ‘complaints’. Having spoken to a representative of the CWGC this morning they acknowledged that the team at CWGC have handled a number of calls about the revised facility. Every enquiry has been logged and the matter is being looked into, however, they are unable to say at this time when the issue will be resolved.

Whilst it is frustrating, the CWGC offer an excellent facility. The recently launched Discover 14-18, is a microsite that features richly illustrated timelines and also a calendar of events planned to commemorate particular aspects of WW1. Content is themed around major battles and the different roles of the Army, Navy and Air Force, all linking back to the CWGC memorial sites and other online archives.

New digitised records such as the Grave Registration Documents have recently been added to the ‘Find War Dead’ database. You will see an additional column headed Docs against entries.

These new resources offer the potential to add to your family history as well as providing excellent material for understanding the context and course of the conflict.

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